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“PHARMEZ” Sarkhej – Bavla Road NH 8A, Matoda, Ahmedabad 382213


World Class Infrastructure, Landscaped Surroundings & Host of Fiscal Incentives

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Modelled on the lines of internationally reputed biotech parks and free trade zones.

Well Planned and easily maintainable common utilities.

Offices of SEZ Commissioner, Customs & Excise Commissioner.

Disaster mitigation unit

Solid Waste

Individual plots varying from 10,000 to 50,000 sq. metres. Uncluttered planned layout with landscaped open spaces, high on aesthetics.

Effluent discharge to C.E.T.P.

Primary Health Center and Medical Facility

Bank ATM


Infrastructure in Pharmez has been planned well to suit the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Service Providers.

RCC Roads



LED Street Lighting

RCC Parking

Bank ATM

Fire Station & Ambulance Center


Way Bridge



Recreational Activities

And Many More..

The domestic & International Airport is approximately 45km from PHARMEZ. The nearest Broad-gauge railway station is Ahmedabad which is approximate 30 kms. However the predominant mode of transportation in this area is by network of good roads. Nearest port is Kandla Port which is 350 kms away. It is also near to Mundra port. Logistics for cold chain is well established in this area.
Nearest port is Kandla Port
Nearest GSRTC Bus Stop
Domestic & International Airport
Broad Gauge Railway Station

our location

Phone: 02717 664 107


Address: “PHARMEZ” Sarkhej – Bavla Road NH 8A, Matoda, Ahmedabad 382213